No increased risk of brain tumors was observed for brain areas receiving the highest amount of exposure.The study included all 352 patients aged 7–19 who were diagnosed with brain tumors in 2004–2008 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Switzerland and 646 age-, sex-, and region-matched controls.

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The lack of genotoxicity of mobile phone radiation has been confirmed by experimental animal and laboratory studies ( 9 , 10 ).

Overall, in vitro studies and experiments in mice [reviewed in ( 11 )] have provided little evidence that mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic.

The radio frequency radiation emitted by mobile phone handsets has insufficient energy to directly damage DNA: It is nonionizing and its only known effect is heating.

Hence, genotoxic effects such as DNA mutations or strand breaks cannot be directly linked to exposure to mobile phone radiation ( 8 ).

Brain tumors are rare, and the study was not statistically powered to detect small risk increases.

Amount and duration of mobile phone use was relatively small and may have increased in this age-group since the time of this study.

CEFALO is a multicenter case–control study conducted in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland that includes all children and adolescents aged 7–19 years who were diagnosed with a brain tumor between 20.