I would like to use one Images.xcassets directory for each language supported by my app.So in the finder I put one Images.xcassets directory in each .lproj directory In x Code I have: For both the english and french xcassets they have english and french checked in localization field in x Code.Depending on cleverly styled alt text and complicated mozification of images – at least for messages opened in the native Gmail client (web interface or its smartphone and table app) – is a thing of the past.

Thanks for his great contribution so that we can have a comprehensive manual for Sikuli 0.10.

At last, we thank all contributors who reported bugs, suggested new features or new design, provided ideas, shared your cool Sikuli scripts to us, or supported us in any ways.

Anti-aliasing for text is enabled for Windows and Linux.

I have the for loop created but I would like the rand Number and z Number to change as the x value increases in the for loop, so that the output (println) is different every time. I am making a regular expression in lex for using it in yacc accepting arithmetic expressions.

The left green icon's Multiplier is 1.27 , the center icon is 1, but I don't know the right yellow icon if is 1....

There is a invoice number like this T1702001, the rule is start from 'T' and date('y'),date('m'),and the Id which just create in database.The good news first: with the arrival of image caching, Gmail is now by default showing images that are embedded in html email, making the oh-so-annoying “always display images by this sender” prompts obsolete by turning it into an opt-out scenario[1].Whether or not the developers were trying to make up for the alarming open rate drops after the introduction of tabbed inbox categories in May 2013, this is a welcome improvement for all email designers and e-marketers who are relying on a highly visual appeal of their B2C communications.Sikuli 0.10 have many new features and improvements (and also bug fixes). A great reference document The Complete Guide to Sikuli Script ( is released along with Sikuli 0.10.This document is mainly written by an expert Sikuli user, Raimund Hocke. I was doing something similar in wanting to swap out my app icons from different asset catalogs depending on whether I built debug, ad-hoc, or release.