You'll probably be better off moving somewhere with mostly blacks like Atlanta, Jackson, Ms, or somewhere in Alabama.Texas is overhyped, diversity works for non-blacks.Should you move to Arlington Yes if you are in a interracial relationship, desire to be, you talk like an educated white person, have lots of money, are a black introvert, have a college degree(maybe) No if you have an urban midwestern accent(like me) if you are a big black guy who does not brown nose, butt kiss or entertain, if you do not already have a job offer, nice environment, but I say no.

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However, as long as you're not down in South Texas you manage to avoid most of the humidity. It was only about 80, but you could not walk 5 steps out the door before you were drenched in sweat.

So yes, it's hot here, but I would rather race 100 than 90 w/ high humidity. I wanted out of the Texas heat and away from the snobby, judgmental people.

The weather is great from Oct-May after that it turns into a hot box!

If you are from a cold weather state get use to not seeing snow.

Arlington is unquestionably the WORST city to live out your senior years among those in the Metroplex (Dallas, Ft Worth, and surrounding cities). I am black and I live on the Arlington/Grand Prairie border near six flags. The people are heavy into fitness, drive nice cars, have nice apartments, homes,etc. Yes there are plenty jobs, but I will go deeper into that later. Remember, I live in Arlington/Grand Prairie, so I am speaking of the whole area. The hiring of blacks-True and all whites act relatively nice, but when it comes to jobs they hire mostly latinos.

The ONLY redeeming feature of living in Arlington is if you have a good car you can travel to the cities bordering Arlington (within 15 miles) and pay their non-citizen fees and use their very nice senior facilities. This is definitely a good fit for some(we shall explore that topic later as well) 3.somewhat good weather-it's been mostly warm since I moved here in December of 2014. Attitude towards blacks-this topic somewhat will fall into both categories. It seems like most of the blacks work for labor ready or other bad, low paying jobs.

One thing about Texas is that money not race determines where you live.

In addition DFW has a large immigrant population from Nigeria, India,and Vietnam.

In exchange for a small amount of royalty money you might receive from the industry, you and your children will get multiple exposures to fracking chemicals, diesel fumes, dust and experience loud disruptive noise 24/7.