A source informs that the couple met a couple of months before through common friends at a Mumbai show and have been inseparable since.

The source further informs that whenever Mett comes to Mumbai, Koena drops everything to be with him.

"Yes, I did meet Dhoni at Sapna's salon, but I am not seeing him! She added that she isn't familiar with cricket nor takes interest in cricketers. I'm only really aware of players like Rahul Dravid and a few others because I watch their commercials on television.

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He's very charming and good-looking and our friendship is very special to me.

It is becoming fashionable to introduce your love interest to the media at a public event.

Dhoni, for his part, was definitely excited about being acquainted with Koena.

He even mentioned meeting Koena to his teammates, who've taken no time in teasing the cricketer about his crush oops... Interestingly, the duo also exchanged mobile numbers before parting ways.

Koena admits, "Yes, Mett is a very sweet and dear friend. He wanted to come to the awards night with me and after the Oscars, people abroad are more curious to know what happens here.

Mett found the show amusing and beautiful with all the naach-gaana though he didn't understand a word of Hindi.Mett dropped me off at home and went to the airport."When asked if he is the one, she says cautiously, "All I can say right now, is that we are very close friends.Bollywood celebrities are constantly in the spotlight and a lot of monies ride on their appearance and looks.Apparently, the Bengali bombshell and Dhoni took a fancy to each other at the hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani's salon, Mad-o-Wot, in Bandra just days before he left for West Indies for the upcoming World Cup series was introduced to Dhoni..Koena was at Sapna's salon to try out a new look for a film, while Dhoni was getting his hair coloured before leaving for the World Cup.Cricket may not interest Koena mitra but the same cannot be said about her interest in cricketers.