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The ten remaining pay-per-views in 2013 averaged an estimated 350,000 buys; St-Pierre's average buyrate ranks higher than Jon Jones, higher than Jose Aldo, and higher than Anderson Silva in a time before the UFC even had the full marketing might of FOX to help push its pay-per-views the way the network has done over the last three years since St-Pierre went on hiatus.

At 50 bucks a pop, that's an average of 41 million dollars in pay-per-view-revenue alone, 50% of which will go straight into the pocket of the UFC, and that doesn't even take into consideration the massive gate of what St-Pierre's return bout would have brought in at UFC 206. Speaking of which, let's look at what a St-Pierre return at UFC 206 would mean from a broader angle.

Following a three-year absence from the sport, the former welterweight kingpin announced that he had "begun the USADA process" over the summer, and then proceeded to call out everyone from newly crowned welterweight champion Tyron Woodley to middleweight champ Michael Bisping, in as polite a manner as possible (as is tradition).

However, as these things so often do, the promise of St-Pierre's comeback began to disintegrate in the negotiation process.

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Regardless of just how free of an agent #Georges St Pierre is at the moment, his falling out with the UFC represents a lose-lose situation for everyone involved, really, but easily the most so for his former promotion, whose upcoming trip to Toronto for #UFC206 seemed like it was being tailor-made to welcome Canada's biggest star back to the Octagon.

Assuming that the million figure is at least somewhere in the ballpark, is it possible that "Rush" overplayed his hand with the UFC as Michael Bisping suggested?

Many patients would be better treated in an urgent care center at much less cost.

For a minute there, it almost seemed like Georges St-Pierre's return to the UFC had moved past the place where pipe dreams go to die and straight into the realm of actual, feasible possibility.

It would bridge the gap between the UFC's historic 205 card and its year-ending 207 card, and made for the biggest run the promotion has ever seen.