This private association created a logo that is assigned to goods (cheese, beer, wine, etc.) that respect precise production criteria.For the beers, these criteria are the following: This association has a legal standing, and its logo gives the consumer some information and guarantees about the product.Buxom and shapely blonde bombshell Spencer Scott was born on April 4, 1989 in St.

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In the last 300 years, there were at least nine Trappist breweries in France, six in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, one in Germany, one in Austria, one in Bosnia and possibly other countries.

Today, eleven Trappist breweries are active — 1 in Austria, 1 in Italy, 6 in Belgium, 2 in the Netherlands, and 1 in the United States.

Chimay beer labels are based on the colour system (in increasing order of strength red, white and blue). There is also a number system (6,8 and 10, as used by Rochefort), which gives an indication of strength, but is not necessarily an exact alcohol by volume (ABV).

Achel combine a strength and a colour (of the beer itself—blond or brown) designation.

The German Trappist abbey of Mariawald has not been producing beer since 1953 (however it is a founding member of the Trappist Association and uses the same Authentic Trappist Product logo for its other products).

There are currently eleven The French abbey of Sainte Marie du Mont des Cats has been selling Trappist beer since June 16, 2011.

Since this time, many of the rules have been relaxed.

However, a fundamental tenet that monasteries should be self-supporting is still maintained by these groups.

Trappist breweries are constantly monitored to assure the irreproachable quality of their beers.

An expansion of ITA recognized breweries took place for the first time in 2012 when the trappist brewery of the abbey of Engelszell, Trappistenbrauerei Engelszell in Engelhartszell, Austria started brewing beer at the monastery (the former production had stopped in 1929) and in the same year obtained the Authentic Trappist Product logo for their beer.

For example, the monastery of La Trappe in Soligny already had its own brewery in 1685.