Kool IM also claims fame as functioning behind a firewall, which some other applications can have trouble with.

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My favorite things about this online instant messenger are within your buddy list, you can star buddies you talk to most, re-name and re-order buddy lists, search through your buddy list, and even upload pictures of your buddies to the imo interface.

There’s support for voice and video chat (fingers crossed for Skype soon), some great keyboard shortcuts, and a simple-to-use interface.

e Buddy supports a huge number of IM services – MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ, My Space, and promises Facebook is coming soon.

When you load e Buddy, it opens a new window for you to chat in.

Now that IM is included with things like Facebook and Gmail, I’m online even more often.

Most IM clients, or at least most good ones, require a downloaded client in order to work.If their project list is any indication, there’s some spectacular stuff coming soon from this already-great client, so keep this one bookmarked. In addition to the standards (Yahoo, MSN, AIM, GTalk), it supports ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, Xfire, Jabber, and more.If you’re a user of a small network, Kool IM may be your best – or only – choice.Your chats and contacts are tabbed, and there’s even a chat history for your recent conversations.e Buddy offers a bunch of client versions, including great ones for your cell phone.You can put your buddies into groups, view them by network, or just lump them all into one list.