So finally he realized I am not the right target that he can take the money from me so easily. But when I started questioning him he got mad and told me that I ask too many questions. and if he loves me, he would send me money (of course it is all a made up story)...

I told him at the end that I know who he actually is and told him to stop doing this to the other innocent women. I wish I could post his pic causes it sounds like the same guy dark hair and handsome but he never got money from me. He is an engineer from Miami, Florida and sending a niece to school in Nigeria (Weird); he doesn't know who Lebron James of Miami Heat (Weirder! His pic looks like a model (poor guy whose pic he used). I just gave these A$$es as taste of their own medicine...

One and a half months ago, I got the message dropping on my Facebook account.

He introduced himself as Alex Jonas, an American but originally from Venice Italy.

His profile on Facebook was really interesting as he was graduated from famous University in Venice, claimed to have master degree in BIochemicals Engineering.

As usual, he is a widower with one 13 years old son. From the photos that must have been stolen from some where, it made me believe since the beginning he is a real decent man.

Then he came up with so many other expenses to pay, for the lawyer, loading, etc.

I told him this is not a professional way he handled the situation.He said he is an independent contractor and works mostly on anything that affects human life such as oil spillage, mostly on shore (it sounded so interesting and impressive, right? Everyday when he was in Nigeria on his work, he texted me and made sure that he would have the chance to chat with me every day. Things were too good to be true so I rather hold back which he also realized about this.He checked with me few times how emotional I could be.I am an educated woman, having a professional career in business.Believing in my destiny whatever will be will be, I never joined any online dating groups or tried to meet anyone news in the parties.Though I felt it was strange that someone asking that question , but I was not much bothered.