Finding the facts about sex, and getting sex advice you can trust, can be tricky for teenagers.Check out this section to learn what you need to know about safe sex, STD's and birth control.Collins’s three younger adolescent children a view of committed love that far surpassed most of what they had seen from adults. Collins said, “I hope they won’t settle for less.” Of course, there's no reason to stab around in the dark, just guessing at whether allowing teenage sleepovers is some kind of sign of the apocalypse or just a way for families to handle teenage sexuality in a responsible, realistic fashion.

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Well if they're living with you, there's a good chance that the safest place for your kids to have sex is under your roof.

Which is a pretty uncomfortable thought for a lot of parents.

Parents reported that the experience taught their children values like responsibility and even that it subtly encouraged monogamy.

Writing of one mother who allowed her high school senior's boyfriend to move in for a year, Alford notes: But the greater dividend of his stay was that it gave Ms.

Schalet also discovered that the Dutch way helped minimize negative stereotyping about gender, love, and sexuality. S., there's a tendency to see sex as a battle between boys and girls, with parents falling for "the stereotype that all boys want the same thing, and all girls want love and cuddling." But because Dutch parents respect teenage relationships, they have a more holistic view, understanding that most young people of any gender want a combination of both.

Allowing sleepovers in not a license for licentiousness.

By demonstrating acceptance and respect for their kids' relationships, Dutch parents, on average, enjoy more communication with their kids about sex and relationships than American parents do, which in turn means the kids are more likely to get the health care and education they need to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Oh, and the teenage pregnancy rate in the Netherlands is nearly four times lower than ours.

In American culture, the answer is largely assumed to be that it is.