Improper backdating occurred when stock-option grants to executives were timed to match yearly or quarterly lows in their company’s share price, but were often reported to shareholders at a higher exercise price.That concealed the additional executive pay and overstated financial results.

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The White House argued at the Supreme Court that the insurance-purchase mandate was not only constitutional but essential to the law's success, while...

The White House says that Obama Care is all fixed, but its conduct suggests otherwise.

This month the Health and Human Services Department dramatically discounted its internal estimate of how many people will join the state insurance exchanges in 2016.

There are about 9.1 million enrollees today, and the consensus estimate—by the...

In what would ordinarily seem like bearish news, however, there may be some buying opportunities.

A number of bets have paid off as many stocks have dipped on adverse disclosures about possible backdating, only to bounce back within weeks, days -- or even...

Punit Renjen, CEO, Deloitte Global, shares six leadership lessons he learned as he transitioned to a global role, lessons that can be applied regardless of the scale of the organization.

At the core of many of these lessons is the importance of communications, especially in a global and increasingly virtual business environment.

They have paid about million of the total settlements costs so far.

How can leaders better connect with and motivate their teams, whether they’re in the same room or scattered around the world?

“The process and paperwork behind this has gotten much more rigorous,” Ms. Backdating litigation was often consolidated into class actions or brought by shareholders on behalf of the company.