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updating the driver for the lg gsa 5169d-27

Many of the CD recorders can at least play the DVD format, if not record in it as well.

We found only a handful of CD-R-only or CD-RW-only units for sale as a computer drive, although we're sure the refurbishers still have many of the older models on their shelves.

Most of their CD and DVD products carried one-year parts and labor warranties, though some of the low end DVD/VCR combination units carried 90 days for both.

And rather surprisingly, one of Sony's high end digital video recorders, the DHG-HDD250 with a 250 gigabyte hard drive, its own television tuner, and High Definition TV compatibility, carried only 90 days of labor coverage, despite its $800 list price. Nothing, if the unit fails out of the box, or shortly thereafter.

If you'll recall last week's column on hard disk drive and flash memory warranties, 90-day periods were much less common for those product types, and five-year or even lifetime warranties were more plentiful.

In fact, with computers, printers, and monitors, it wasn't necessary to use separate columns for parts and labor warranty periods.

In this weekly installment of our product warranty tour, we surveyed 23 manufacturers of CD and DVD players and recorders, and canvassed 160 of their products for features, price, and warranty period.

What we found was that almost 10% of the units carried only 90-day parts warranties, despite selling prices up to 0.

Others will list only the parts warranty period, neglecting to mention that the labor warranty period is far shorter.

We suspect not all of these omissions are inadvertent.

CDs and DVDs are also part of that convergence, but what's even more interesting is the crossover of computer technology back into the TV and music recording businesses.