Puerto Vallarta is more than a beach town, and our expert shows you why....where.

I paid $150 and took this absolute knockout wearing tight yellow plastic pants.

You tell the waiter whichever girls you want, and she goes up with you a flight of stairs in the back.

The book is written by an expert with years of experience of taking people on Red Zone Tours of Puerto Vallarta.

Here he reveals what he's learned in hundreds of nights out on the town.

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They are very aggressive but save yourself a lot of money and look for the one you want, pay the 50... I went several times just to be disappointed with the strippers. Cabbies know where it is but it is hard to find if not in a cab.

They never change and these strippers work around all the same clubs in town too.

Red Zone Tours If you're coming to Puerto Vallarta and want to find girls, you'll need this book.

No other resource will tell you how and where to find girls or give you a complete listing of all the sex-related resources in Puerto Vallarta.

Anyway, the room is very dark, there is only one red bulb lit (kinda funky).