The best way to sweet a vegetarian single off his or her feet is by remembering that there are many more important things to focus on than what they eat.Chances are, their dietary choices reflect their lifestyle as a whole, and it’s important to not forget that.The farmer’s market, a yoga class, or volunteering might be a good place to start.

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Try the rustic pasta on page 147 of or the waffle, sausage and cheese Panini on page 153. Be careful not to turn them off to the kind lifestyle: • Try not to lecture about veganism if they haven’t expressed an interest in learning about it. If it’s been a while and they haven’t inquired, give them a book that best suits their personality. Continue to take care of yourself and they will see that you look better than ever and that you feel great. After reading those numbers, I was curious to see how you all feel about being in the dating game or in relationships as vegans. It’s pretty short so it won’t take more than five minutes and I’ll share the results of the survey after Valentine’s Day! Share in the comments below, and if you have more questions about this topic, post those too. Speaking of comments, we have some brand new comment capabilities!

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You’re only slightly more likely to warm to them or, should I say, you’re only slightly more predisposed to like them, because of their dietary choices.

The fact that someone is veggie or vegan is by no means a factor that can replace spark.

There are a ton of vegan and eco-friendly groups there that might introduce you to some cool people.

In Los Angeles, there’s a group for Roaming Vegan Potlucks, in New York there’s a Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup, and you London Kind Lifers can join London Vegan Meetup. If you want to introduce your partner to a kind diet: I often see questions in the forum from those of you already in relationships with meat- and dairy-loving partners and you want to know how to introduce them to a kinder diet.

Get ready to fall in LOVE and find your other half!

As Spring is blooming, at tibits we have decided to collaborate with Speed Dater UK and launch a brand new Vegan Speed Dating event 12th April.

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