Right: The professional headshot I had taken on December 31st on the Waikiki beach.

When I started playing on OKCupid, I made a list of the different parts of a profile that (probably) had the most effect on getting a 1st date.

I advertised that I was looking for a professional photographer and that I needed candid shots of me downtown. Here’s the exact text I used for the ad: Photographer for Candid Shots Around Downtown Waikiki (Honolulu, Hawaii) I’m looking for a photographer to take candid photos of me in and around downtown Honolulu / Waikiki, as well as touch up/edit a selection of shots after completion. Job is $50 flat fee and should take no longer than an hour.

Date is most likely for (date) in the afternoon, but that’s flexible.

I looked at their photos and picked a photographer with photos that looked like what I wanted. I told the photographer that I was looking for photos to use with online dating and that he was the professional.

I asked him to tell me how to stand, where to look, etc.

When you immediately start getting much better results and a lot more of them, you’ll realize the investment is more than worth it.

Do some research by finding photographers in your area and looking at their online portfolios.Although good photos are definitely a key element in successful online dating, they’re not the only factor.People find love online (or anywhere) by being courageous, motivated and determined.One of the many things they do right, is to accept themselves and present themselves just as they are. Putting your best foot forward for online dating is never easy, so let me help by creating a group of photos that shows you at your best.I love shooting photos for dating sites such as Match.com, or e Harmony.com, or for matrimony sites like Shaadi