However, to the courts, child support and child custody are two different issues.In the eyes of the law, the parent who owes back child support payments still has the right to visit with the child.

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Sadly it is the way that many single women feel, just ask a dad that’s trying to date. How come men are cool about rolling with the punches, dealing with the jackass baby’s father, and playing uncle to a woman’s seed yet the “fairer sex” are unapologetic harpies about it?

Let me mess around and have a child whose mother dies, leaving me with sole custody and I know for damn sure that a good percentage of women out there would not even ask about her let alone attempt to date me.

Therefore, any parent who is in distress over missing child support payments should take the steps outlined above instead of withholding visitations.

Refusing to allow your child to visit with your co-parent because he or she has unpaid child support could jeopardize your good standing with the courts.

Be prepared to provide details about the missing payments, including dates and dollar amounts, as well as any information you have about your ex's last known address.

Some parents who find themselves in arrears simply do not have the money to pay child support payments.

Single dads I want to hear from you about this bull…

are you restricted to dating single moms now, or have you had any luck with childless 30 woman?

So it stands to reason that, statistically, more fathers would also fall behind on child support payments than mothers.