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Don’t you wish online dating came with an instruction manual? It’s called the Seduction Style Guide, and you can find it (where else? Do you prefer your dates “Playful,” “Confident,” “Coy,” “Charming,” or “Prim and Proper? Answer each with three responses, all in your own words. Apparently people like me “tend to love life with zeal, often living in the moment and trying not to let experiences pass them by.” (All true, as far as I’m concerned…perhaps POF knows me better than I would like to admit.) Then there’s the three step seduction plan: Approach Me, How To Date Me, and How To Sexually Seduce Me.

If what you’re looking for is “a complete step by step guide on how someone would seduce you,” then yes…online dating comes with an instruction manual. The first section of the test is called “Flirting.” Choose up to three of the listed flirting styles that appeal most to you, and up to three that don’t interest you. Again, you must rate the accuracy of words used describe your sexuality. The free response questions inquire about what you most and least enjoy while on a date, and your turn ons/offs.

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