Most of the owners who reported this problem are using AT&T network.

There are several potential solutions, all listed below.

Now tap on My apps & Games Disable HD calling If you are using AT&T network, you will have to contact customer support and ask them to disable HD calling feature.

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It’s been happening for years and so far the sky isn’t falling.

If some organizations just happen to be slow moving and very conservative about making changes, so be it.

But what about organizations that haven’t migrated because they truly have a legitimate reason to avoid i OS and Android?

This can’t be very many organizations at this point, but you know that somewhere, people are worrying about this.

Use Hangouts For some people, the problem with SMS and MMS disappeared once they switched to Hangouts. Factory Reset Quite a few people said that they fixed the issue with Factory reset.

If you choose to do this, don’t forget to back up the files that are important to you because factory reset will wipe out your device.

These organizations could actually stick with BB10 devices for quite a while, considering that the OS will still be maintained, and Black Berry hasn’t announced any plans to discontinue current BB10 devices.

They could also look into virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI), which is just like VDI or RDSH except with Android instead of Windows as the hosted OS.

Since it’s pretty expensive (0) and not doing that well, they’re going to try some new cheaper Android devices this year.

The Priv, their first Android device, was released last year.

Many regulated organizations are now comfortable using Samsung Knox devices, and they have many security certifications and can be locked down completely.