New ads are popping up on Craigslist nearly every day from people who say they will log on to your "Pokemon Go" account and effectively run up your score while you are stuck at work or sitting in class.On a recent July afternoon, two 24-year-old Pokemon "trainers," Lewis Gutierrez and Jordan Clark, walked through Brooklyn's Prospect Park with their eyes glued to their phones, tapping and swiping away to catch virtual Pokemon for clients paying about per hour for the service. Then he put a post on Craigslist advertising his services professionally. I was doing, like, ten-hour days and I got my friend Jordan to come along with me.There are sites to share photos, videos, status updates, sites for meeting new people and sites to connect with old friends.

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Others offer Uber-like driving services with the promise of taking a player to some of the hottest Pokemon hunting grounds around the city.

Played on smartphones, "Pokemon Go" has been a phenomenon since its release.

While there were legitimate BBSs, most were at least somewhat involved in illicit, illegal, or other shady practices.

Adult material, virus code, information and instructions for hacking and phreaking (phone hacking), and materials like The Anarchist’s Cookbook were commonly hosted on BBSs.

There are general social networks with user bases larger than the population of most countries.

There are niche sites for virtually every special interest out there.

The terms of service in "Pokemon Go" explicitly forbid the practice of transferring access to an account to a third party.

Social media has become an integral part of modern society.

But BBSs were the first type of sites that allowed users to log on and interact with one another, albeit in a much slower fashion than we currently do.