The number has actually decreased since head guards have been removed.’ He said The new regulations mean that boxers are more cautious and do not feel as confident without the head guard.

As a result the boxers may pay more attention to defence and take fewer risks than if they were wearing a head guard.

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‘When you have a head guard on you are more likely to get an injury.’ Said Dr Loosemore before going on to add: ‘There are several reasons for this: it could be that head guards restrict your vision slightly, so you don’t see the punches coming, and maybe that the head guard increases the size of the head.

‘The referees also can’t see the boxers so clearly, so they can’t see when they’re in trouble.

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Also, this short format allows tournaments to feature several bouts over several days, unlike professional boxing, where fighters rest several months between bouts. Head protection was used in men's competition until March 2016, before it was removed by the AIBA due to a higher concussion rate with Head Protection.