Online shops offers: Fragrance EUR 5 items for 30.80 - 49.44 4 items for 32.30 - 45.95 GBPFragrance 5 items for 34.19 - 54.89 USDFragrance 4 items for 39.99 - 52.99 USDStrawberry EUR 4 items for 47.00 - 64.50 EURStrawberry 4 items for 48.50 - 66.50 USDView products... Citrusy opening makes a great introduction into the sweet and spicy heart of the composition.

It is not as sweet as 1 Million but it smells me kinda fresh and really manly. I do recommend you to buy this fragrance for spring or fall.

Summer is better with Dior Sauvage and winter is perfect with Armani Code Profumo. What I get is a light sweet strawberry candy over a bed of ivory soap.

This is nothing like the beautiful Ultrared; this is a very cloying, sweet and artificial fragrance.

Imagine a field of plastic flowers with mechanical bees buzzing over a molasses-sweet bubblegum smell...

In my opinion, i think this fragrance is daring and unique as it strays away from the usual formulas for a mass marketed masculine scent.

In conclusion, its a good perfume for cold wintery nights and is very suitable for night outs.After 7-8 minutes, it stabilizes in a sweet-sour, apple-strawberry masculine oriental scent, almost addictive!! It does project at a good rate, but its scent it's so soft and clean that people do not feel "invaded".Lasted a good 6-8hrs on my skin, projected for 3-4. if you want to render meaningless the word "masculine" (if the word had meaning to begin with).I live in a subtropical climate and I think this suits for summertime; it is difficult to find good fragrances to suit the climate but I now remember what Black XS' strong suite is. It smells really artificial and there's not much going on. I just opened a new bottle I sprayed it on my hand and I can barely smell it 4 sprays.You get some lemon and sweetness that concludes in a bubble-gum vibe. Looks like I'll be buying 1 million absolutely gold instead A nice dark citrus gourmand fragrance that basically reminds me of a dessert like chocolate strawberry cake.Deep and dark sweet fruity notes of the heart are replaced by woodsy notes and amber in the base.