Actress Blythe Danner and her husband director Bruce Paltrow were family friends, which led to Sutherland's occasional work as babysitter for their pre-teen daughter Gwyneth Paltrow.He was engaged to Julia Roberts after they fell for each other making Flatliners, but she dumped him just days before their scheduled wedding.Более того — все замыслы врагов, вынашиваемые и готовящиеся годами, «ломаются» как карточный домик всего лишь за 24 часа.

He is the son of noted film actor Donald Sutherland and award-winning Canadian actress Shirley Douglas.

His maternal grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a prominent Canadian politician widely credited with developing that country's system of socialized medical care.

A few days after Christmas 2005, he was spotted sloshed in a London hotel, where he repeatedly threw himself into a Christmas tree, then ripped its branches off and threw its ornaments onto the floor. 21-Dec-1966, Kiefer's twin)Mother: Francine Racette (stepmother, actress, b. Sutherland's father 1972)Brother: Roeg Sutherland (half-brother, filmmaker, b. 2008)Son: Julian Winn (stepson, Winn's child from earlier marriage, b.

Spectators said Sutherland had very politely asked the hotel management's permission and agreed to pay for any damages before destroying the tree. 1974)Brother: Rossif Sutherland (half-brother, actor, b. 1978)Brother: Angus Redford Sutherland (half-brother, actor, b. Feb-1990, one daughter)Daughter: Michelle Kath Ortiz (stepdaughter, Kath's child from earlier marriage, b. 1988 with Kath)Girlfriend: Julia Roberts (1990-91, broken engagement)Girlfriend: Amanda Rice (dancer, dated 1991)Wife: Elizabeth Kelly Winn (model, m. 1990)Son: Timothy Winn (stepson, Winn's child from earlier marriage, b.

На днях стало известно о том, что актер, исполнивший роль суперагента Джека…

She played the role of Consuelo in a production of West Side Story.

По крайней мере, до тех пор, пока забота о ней лежит на плечах Джека Бауэра. Джек Бауэр — агент контр-террористического отдела (КТО) Лос-Анджелеса, являющего собой специальное подразделение ЦРУ.

Задача Бауэра и его коллег — предотвратить любую опасность, угрожающую Соединенным штатам. Будь-то покушение на президента, угроза ядерного взрыва или масштабные террористические акты — сотрудники КТО всегда начеку...

Adapting Pride and Prejudice to the modern era, Lizzie Bennet tells the classic Jane Austen tale from the point of view of an Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet who grew up in a world of cell phones, video cameras, and social media.