Lovense usually sells for 0 and you can get it for 0 if you click here (promo code will be applied to your account automatically). Video chatting is the saving grace of long-distance relationships because being able to see your love makes them feel not to so far away. His and hers toys interact with each other via Bluetooth while you’re video chatting so that you can hear and feel your partner.

The best part of Kiiroo is that it comes with its own video platform, so every part of the experience is designed to maximize your long-distance love.

One of the fastest-growing trends in sex toys is wearable vibrators that can be controlled from a distance.

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I’ve rounded up some of the best long-distance sex toys, and I’m going to tell you exactly why they’re great. Forward this on to your significant other and get their opinion on what you should try first, or surprise them with a sexy delivery.

Lovense is one of the best sex toy companies for long distance lovin’.

To get specific about the toys: Nora has a vibrating arm to arouse your clit and rotating beads for internal stimulation; the vibration and rotation are what your partner will control.

In the 2016 update of the product, the fifth generation, the clit arm is more flexible and the shaft is optimized, leading to even more powerful orgasms. It’s also waterproof if you want to spice things up by using it in the shower or bath.

In addition to sharing video and audio data, now updated to the Feel Connect App, both Pearl and Onyx signal back and forth helping provide constant physical interaction. It syncs up the movement of your toy with the movement of your partner’s one so that you are replicating the give and take of an in-person experience. Well, you’ll be able to feel that on the other side of the screen.

Plus, the interface is beautiful and minimal so that you really feel like you could reach out and touch your partner if you wanted to.To keep a long-distance relationship thriving, you have to learn quickly how to expand your definition of sex.It requires getting a little creative to keep the romance going, but luckily, with technology, it’s getting easier and easier to keep the love (and lust) alive from a distance. With the toys that are available now, you might even find that your sex life is exciting than it’s ever been.Vibease might just give you the easiest orgasm you’ve ever had.Again, the disadvantage of this one is that there are no matching toys for your male partner, but I think the fun of controlling it while you’re possibly out in public might make up for that.So if your man is using his “Max” at a medium speed and then decides to pick up the pace, so will your “Nora.” Pretty amazing, right?