Hi, I'm new with Jahia and I want to learn more about the jahia CMS.

It looks very promissing and I have no doubt about it's powerful features.

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To fetch the gems and resolve dependencies we use bundler. Also we are uploading media and heroku doesn't store it on the server.

Note that we have bundler already installed during setup. There is an addon called Cloudinary which we will use.

I'm not really familiar with Drupal so I can't really tell if following their tutorials would be helpful with Jahia.

Even though our documentation as a lack of starters and beginners example, Jahia is really easy to start with and you will quickly become comfortable with the basic feature, like using modules.

Also, do not hesitate to ask on this forum, the Jahia team and community are very active and will surely have an answer for you. Cheers, Guillaume Hi Guillaume, thanks for your answer.

Yes I saw a lot of content on the internet and they all use the ACME basis in there tutorial.

All the tutorial I could find use the ACME website as basis but it don't seems appropriate to use the ACME basis to start to construct a serious website on its own.

What I would like to find is a tutorial on how to create a website from scractch, starting from choosing the modules, choosing the template, modifying the template a bit, add some contents, use some included modules, authentication, allow users to post comments, etc...

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