I was with my friend who is a well known Hollywood photographer named Rick Garcia one night while he was on a photo shoot. Stone has relentlessly stalked his victim on the Internet for over 3 years now.The name of the movie was Exxtra Exxtra I know that for sure because a guy was giving out free dvds and I took one..course. During that time he has wrongly and repeatedly reported her for "welfare fraud" to innumerable authorities, including the FBI, the DWP, US Immigration, Scotland Yard, the First Minister for Scotland, MI-6, and even MI-7... When Stone found online links to his victim's involvement in a volunteer group in her local community, he emailed the leader of that group making false, outrageous accusations that she posed a danger to children, in a misguided attempt to blacken her name.

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But let’s talk about who did post this report, not only did they do this anonymously, but they did it fraudulently. J.-Taylor/4608 Bruce-Taylor/4475 The same Bruce Taylor, that I have an active Restraining Order against and that is why he has to do this anonymously, but don’t worry the Police have this posting and others with his IP address. The same law applies to sites like Face Book, My Space and Craigs List – users who post information on these sites are responsible for what they write, but the operators of the sites are not.

He has continued to harass me via made up names/profiles like Michelle Newkirk [email protected], Danny Blue [email protected], NN - [email protected] the latest is Shelly Mitchell who friended all my facebook friends and then started to defame me, but it was just Bruce again and the profile was deleted. An excellent Wikipedia article discussing the history of the law can be found here - In short, the CDA provides that when a user writes and posts material on an “interactive website” such as Datingpsychos.com, the site itself cannot, in most cases, be held legally responsible for the posted material. Seems Brian has lots of enemies out there from all of his illegal and unsavory activities.

The producer of the movie was Brian Scott, I know this for 100% fact because I met him and talked to him. In recent weeks Stone found online photos of his victim making a success of her volunteer work; he then stalked each and every person photographed with her and spammed their various Facebook pages with his incessant drivel.

I hate to call you out like this but your making some very bold claims about a guy and yet you lie about your own past and that just aint right. Naturally none of these victims read beyond the first paragraph of Stone's word salad before clicking "Delete and Block this User." It provided mild amusement among the victims for about as long as it takes to wipe bird crap off your windshield.

Trust me, more MEN sound like "psychos" on these dating sites than do women...

I have a profile on and have talked in the chat rooms off and on for awhile now..believe me, the things that men say...would blow you away.

"RAVINGS OF A LUNATIC" One would expect after 3 years of no contact with Stone he would get the hint: Leave us alone. Seeing Stone rant and rave to himself on facebook/blog sites, where he replies to his own replies of replies... Even his one and probably only friend Kevin Carey takes the mickey out of Stone; what makes it funny is Stone is oblivious to it.

it brings a slight wry smile to your face knowing that he can't get to anyone now, knowing that Stone is tearing himself apart from the inside out trying ever so desperately to get an audience... However, as a leading UK psychologist has pointed out, there is no cure for Stone's illness, no pills, no surgery and, no amount of psychological analysis or psychiatric treatment can cure him.

"Subtle signals" is all that Stone has, as Stone openly admits that he has not received any emails from [victim 1] since Feb 2008 when [victim 1], in a very polite manner, told Stone to piss off and leave her alone.

These "subtle signals" - or voices in Stone's head - have led to a combination of 4, 259 emails (to date) having been sent by Stone to [victim 1] and [victim 2] in the last 3 years: that's 3.8 emails a day, every day, day after day after day..., continuously for 3 years.

And now for the website Dating Psychos ( - The website is an interactive website and cannot possibly monitor the accuracy of information which their users may choose to post. 2003) (recognizing, "Making interactive computer services and their users liable for the speech of third parties would severely restrict the information available on the Internet.) If you read the website, or actually send Pat an e-mail asking for your information to be removed, then you would clearly understand that you do not have to pay any money, however, I can appreciate the fact that all the money that does get donated, goes to a great charity. On the dating psychos website the money he extorts from people goes to California Coalition of Domestic Violence.