According to Pythagoras, the body was originally made of White Laurel.

Today, the traditional wood is Mulberry, but many instruments are made with Walnut (and often Walnut dyed black), Rosewood and Maple.

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The two upper pairs are tuned in unison, and are called the cantini, while the bottom pair (or pairs on the tetrahordo) are tuned in octaves, and are called the bourganes.

Other members of the bouzouki family include the tzoura, a three-quarter size instrument, usually found with three string pairs, but sometimes with four string pairs, and the baglama, a half size instrument, always with three string pairs.

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The name bouzouki, however, is a derivation of the Turkish word, "bozouk," meaning broken or modified, and also describes a mid-sized Turkish "saz-bozouk," which belongs to the same family.

The word was modified and adopted by the Greek people for the name of their own historical instrument, over 400 years of Turkish occupation.

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