When you're on the same network, the PC seemed to work fine after the install, and can browse the web.It's only when it goes offsite that the trouble starts.

Read all about it here: Windows Server 2012 Essentials UR3 coming soon, with the DNS fix I requested? See also this excellent read that Jason pointed out on the forums here, where he tips me off to this gem: Unravelling the mystery of Client DNS with Essentials family Servers Jun 17 2013 by Robert Pearman Nov 04 2013 Update: New article about UR3 now out, Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, and help to (sort of) fix it: Windows Server 2012 Essentials Update Rollup 3 has arrived, with DNS fixes by Paul Braren, Nov 04 2013.

Hi all, I have an issue with the DNS resolvers when I'm connecting with a Mac computer.

Best wishes, Windows Server Team Feb 24 2013 Update: Turns out that with Windows Server 2012 Essentials, the actual release (RTM), this DNS behavior is still very much the same right through today.

The console will warn you of the potential issue, pictured below.

I've found it safe to just ignore, since my WS2013E server is not being used for DNS services for my clients.

Feb 26 2013 Update: Turns out that you may have trouble locating network shares on your WS2012E system when working remotely, using the built-in VPN.

But once those client connector connected PCs wander to other networks, they may find themselves in a pickle. Turns out their DNS is pointing to your server, but they're not on your network, so they can't "see" your DNS server. The fix is more complicated than just fixing the DNS, read on for backstory, or just jump ahead and follow along with the screenshots.

And please make a comment below, to let others know of your successes (or failures).

Essentials from Microsoft's August 21st 2012 blog announcement here.