I’m not sure if this is based on the number of texts you send, or the number of replies you get, probably the later.

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This takes up a lot of data, but it’s worth it to see your beloved, or to make sure the Filipina you just met is really a girl.

Most smartphones have a camera, and Skype seems to work with most, though it’s hit and miss with FB.

So you can receive SMS messages, but how do you text them back? The downside is that the site is not mobile friendly and there’s no app, making it practically useless unless you’re sitting in front of a computer.

There are several services online that allow you to chat by SMS with someone in the Philippines free or cheaply. This is an online service where can buy cheap SMS credits, currently 100 for $2.75, and text anyone in the Philippines on any network. If you keep the page open, you can read their message there, or if you close it you’ll get the reply by email. is another service allowing you to chat by text with Filipinos.

Most phones can be tethered to a laptop to share the internet connection.

A 3G connection is enough for voice chat, and you can sort of see each other on video chat.Internet speed varies depending on the local reception and how busy the service is.The speeds seem to be better at night, especially late.Both Smart and Globe offer devices with affordable plans.This is a good options if you’re still communicating through dating chat sites, but if you’re talking much it’s time to upgrade to a better system.You just have to explain to your Filipina chat partner that she needs to read your message, then text you back on your roaming number.