For each employee, a good job description helps the incumbent to understand: If your organization does not have job descriptions or if your job descriptions are out of date, the first task is to conduct a job analysis.Job analysis is a process for systematically collecting information to help you fully understand and describe the duties and responsibilities of a position as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do the job.For example: staff may be asked to complete a Job Analysis Questionnaire and then it could be discussed during an informal interview to clarify information and to provide the supervisor's observations on the work done.

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Find CV templates Create a separate section for each role or project with the same employer as if these were separate jobs.

Note where a move was due to a promotion or increased responsibilities.

Job descriptions are used as the basis of most other HR management practices from selection to training to performance management.

Job analysis information can also be used in the job evaluation process, which is the process for assigning value to a job for the purpose of setting compensation.

Any significant changes to the responsibilities of an employee need to be discussed and negotiated with them and their written consent to the changes should be obtained.

Fundamental changes may attract claims of constructive dismissal.

The job profiles available in the HR Toolkit can be used to develop and/or revise job descriptions for your organization.

Whether you are developing new job descriptions or revising existing ones, you should carefully assess and adapt the information in the profile to ensure that it meets the needs of your organization.

The job profiles available in the HR Toolkit provide a broad overview of the typical types of duties and responsibilities performed by staff in a position and the qualifications that are most common for that position.

Please read the following important introduction before using the tools - it gives useful and important information to consider before working on your organization's job descriptions.

The aim is to have a complete picture of the position - what is actually done and how.