Of course, some entrepreneurs see an undereducated populace as an opportunity to build business.

Valdez's stores all have in-house sexologists with weekly "office hours" for customers.

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There were acres of booths selling lubricants, sex toys, and cheap lingerie.

Near a stand offering "hot hangover tea," a striptease took place on an elevated stage. World Factbook, three of every four Mexican citizens are Roman Catholics, yet among those who paid the $16 entrance fee were middle-aged matrons, twittering teenagers, and suited men on their lunch breaks. adult-entertainment market sells $15 billion yearly.) Before Expo Sexo, Kibrit had tried launching a real estate expo two years earlier with his father, a real estate agent.

Being exactly the opposite has made things much easier for me." Having a clean-cut spokesperson helped the fair's image-and that of the industry as a whole.

When he sought their participation in 2004, says Kibrit, he found sex shops on the second floors of the buildings that line Mexico City's Eje Central, a main street that's a mayhem of questionably legal enterprises. Since then, adult-entertainment retailers have acquired a sheen of professionalism, and have been creeping into posh Mexico City neighborhoods: An unabashedly upscale erotica shop, Ficus, was the first to open on one of swanky Polanco's prime shopping streets in December.

The women of Mexico possess naturally curvy bodies, easy sensuality, and a passion for life that includes sex. and have made healthy careers out of fucking on film.

Posting his photo on Facebook, she asked anyone who recognized the man to get in contact with her so she could report him to the police.

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A male Aztec-themed stripper wearing an oversize headdress, diminutive chaps, and gold body glitter wandered the halls between stints at one of the "table dance" tents. In a country where machismo rules, 45 percent of attendees were women. As the first person to gather Mexico's adult-entertainment business owners for a public trade event, Kibrit is a pioneer in an industry with a considerable audience. After its tepid reception, he proposed they produce a similar fair with a sexier subject; his father promptly washed his hands of the affair.