Drinking isn't on their radar..if they're ok then you having a drink is cool...it's not an issue. if he had never told you...would you have known he was sober?

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As a friend or partner to that person, should you refrain from talking about anything in a negative way and be more positive about life in general? For instance, he said that it was fine for me to drink in front of him, but I thought that would be inconsiderate, and since I'm not that big of a drinker anyway, just opted not to.

I guess I don't really know the triggers for getting the urge to drink but I alway thought stress was one of them, so those were the thoughts that crossed my mind at the time and just wondering if that's accurate, whether you have to make certain accommodations for that person because of their past history. When people have had an addiction of sorts, whether it be alcohol or drugs, does that make them less able to handle stress?

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads., hadn't drank since mid 1990s, went to AA meetings 1-2 per week. I think her father was able to break free from her and make the needed changes. People that stop drinking usually replace that with something else. Does exercise obsessively, eat too much, things along that nature.

No one in my immediate family has had a problem with alcohol so I have no personal experience with this, and wondered if a relationship with a is any different than one with someone who's never had any problem with alcohol. Sometimes they just transfer one bad habit to another.

I appreciated his honesty, and admired the fact that he had formerly recognized that he had a problem and done something about it, and was still actively taking steps to continue to keep it under control.

How many people have problems, like overeating or depression, and don't do anything about it?In Twelve Step programs, and especially in Steps Four through Ten, PIRs learn how to develop healthy relationship skills.They work on taking responsibility for the harm they have caused others, and acknowledge the harm that others have caused them.I was so unfamiliar with the Twelve Steps that I didn't know enough to ask Steve about them or if he had done them.And I certainly didn't know that, as someone in a relationship with a PIR, it would have been good for me to do these Steps as well.Author Karen Nagy outlines Steps Four through Ten: the "Relationship Steps." Mending relationships that were broken due to addiction is an ongoing task in recovery.