I am as quick to talk about things that go wrong as I am about things that go right. I think it is important to share the not so great experiences too. Like I said I started wearing spandex when I was 14. I was 14, had A girl and been laid, butt I wasnt satisfied. It has been ages since I have had any pictures taken of me wearing spandex in a crowded mall. So i bought some comp shorts a few weeks ago but i always wear them with shorts on. After I wrote that story I went to the grocery store and a big home improvement store. I like these shorts because they are thin and tight and stay in place. I have found what I thought was the perfect pair of spandex.Sharon has taken pictures of me in many similar situations before. Well today i went for a nice run and decided to take off my shorts. I was feeling kind of sexy with my tight blue spandex shorts and short shirt on. I am happy to report that I didn't feel the need to put on any... one day it's nice and sunny and the next cold and raining. They were really thin and showed off everything I have.

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i am a man and i wear spandex and love the way it feels. its was a pair of shinny blue insport running pants. I remember trying on my older sisters string bikini bottom. All these years later I never wear anything larger than a bikini to the beach and most of the time I wear G-strings and thongs. I rember one summer i spent it at my best friends cottage,which is very nice except for the mosquitoes,so mikey's mom made us one piece full head to toe spandex suits that were skin tight we didn't wear any underwear underneaht.

after that i got in to underarmor shirts and tights, wrestling singlets, and even fully body suits.

I for one am experienced enough to know that good d*ck is hard to find, you know..................someone who is actually good at it, regardless of size. I'm way too distracted by their juicy legs, to pay attention to the package. What kinds of looks do you get from women at the gym?

I wear them because they are the most comfortable, not because I want to show off my package.

Normally I wouldn't wear spandex if I knew that it might rain. I have been out a few more times showing off my piercing threw my spandex.

Spandex has a habit of turning completely transparent when it gets wet. I thought that my problem the first time out was wearing shorts that were clearly see-thru.

So i run around the neighborhood with comp shorts and a long shirt tucked in at the back. I had been getting some really positive looks and comments. There is something about shiny spandex that I love. Ever time I think I will get to wear spandex there is some storm coming or tornado or ice and snow. They were a little on the thin side and I was mindful that they were on the sheer side.

I love girls in it and I alos love wearing them myself. I love the way it feels on me and love the way it feels and looks on women. Let's face it I don't really care if people can see through my shorts... So after a lot of thought I ended up getting the foreskin of my penis pierced.

I am comfortable wearing them, even have pictures on my profile, just latly I have been a little concerned, that people can actually tell my size. Don't worry though, it would be obvious to you if women were checking out the size of your package.