In a 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the late “I Will Always Love You” singer said: “He slapped me, but he was on probation for traffic violations …

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In 2008, former NBA star Dennis Rodman pled no contest to misdemeanor spousal battery charges and was sentenced to three years probation for hitting his then-girlfriend. Rodman was charged after a 1999 dispute with then-wife Carmen Electra (who was also charged) and again, four years later, for a confrontation with his fiancée Michelle Moyer.

In 2011, Mel Gibson pled no contest to one count of misdemeanor spousal battery for a January 2010 fight with his ex Oksana Grigorieva, chronicled in Radar’s world exclusive tapes.

Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence in Montreal, Canada in July 2013 after hotel guests overheard a dispute coming from the room she shared with boyfriend Evan Peters.

Her beau refused to press charges and Roberts’ rep issued a statement dismissing the event as an “unfortunate incident and misunderstanding.”In August 2013, former Scandal actor Columbus Short was sentenced to three years probation and 30 days of community labor following a violent dispute with his estranged wife Tanee Mc Call-Short.

In 1989, he pled no contest to a charge of spousal abuse after beating the mom-of-two so badly she needed hospital treatment.

He was sentenced to 120 hours of community service, two years probation and received a 0 fine.

Although his friends and family deny the claims, Taylor says she had to have “orbital reconstructive surgery” and a “titanium implant” after he punched her in the eye.

Anyone who has heard the 911-tape of the late Nicole Brown Simpson begging the cops to help her after a confrontation with OJ Simpson knows she was petrified of her former husband.

The abusive nature of Sean Penn’s relationship with ex-wife Madonna is often swept under the carpet.