Don’t for instance root for the latest band or a football team just because everybody else seems to think they’re great.

Reveal your individuality in opinions and actions and your Aquarius date will look at your anew.

It's just as capable of true affection as any other star sign – it’s just that its approach to love is ahead of its times.

As the standard bearer of the New Age of Aquarius, this sign has little time for tradition or conservatism.

But if you like a touch of eccentricity and you’re looking for a different perspective, a date with an Aquarius could rock your world!

Because it's an AIR sign, Aquarius’s main focus in life is on mental and social activities, and since it’s also a FIXED sign, it tends to be quite inflexible.

Instinctively drawn towards breaking down barriers of prejudice and inequality, Aquarians' interests often center around community issues and matters of social and political reform.

To be a fitting companion for this radical star sign, you’ll need to be on a similar wavelength.

All Aquarius asks is to be allowed to do as it pleases and be shown its fair share of respect.

For the average Aquarian, friendship is equally – if not more – important than passion and romance.

These people can do without sex if necessary, but never without buddies, and they couldn’t envisage a love affair with someone who wasn’t also a friend.

It’s a mistake, though, to interpret Aquarius's impersonality as indifference.

Show him that your thoughts and ideas do not take their counter from mere tradition but spring up from your own mind.