Indeed, It was a war between the English football mighty. Ten years after winning medals with Lionel Messi in the same tournament under different categories, he has not really progressed as Messi has done.

Who is mikel obi dating now video

But it is very obvious the Nollywood superstar and Chelsea FC midfielder are filming an ad in South Africa today.

The pair are seen arriving in a Bentley and Aston Martin respectively, then heading inside a private jet.

It seems Chelsea can’t wait to sell him off, even this past premier league season he didn’t appear much. He is dispensable to Chelsea and looking like a matter of ‘for now’ and I am truly concerned about where he will end up in August.

Mikel should still be on top of his career at age 28.

He needs to rediscover what got him to this stage in the first place.

With the generation of new midfielders joining Chelsea and being one of the oldest Chelsea players, he should be celebrated in the team.Which of the upcoming players want to watch his video to learn, backpass or overlap?Judging by his recent contributions to club and country.Mikel was suspended in 2007 by Berti Vogts and after apologies he was seen as deemed fit to adorn the Green and white jersey.This same player won the man of the match against Iran at the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil.Coming home now, Can Oliseh build his midfield around Mikel?