Although Keef had originally planned Bang 3 to be released as his second album, a then-track from the album, "Nobody", developed into its own project.Keef released Nobody as a full-length album in December 2014, while continuing to delay the often-pushed back Bang 3.

They say money can’t buy you love, but as far as we’re concerned money is the ONLY thing make a lady love Mr.

The announcement included a photoshopped image of Morgan and Chief Keef looking like a happy couple, and she only learned about the prank after one relative phoned up to inquire about her relationship.

Since becoming famous, Keef has continued to experience ongoing legal issues.

Despite being dropped from Interscope in late 2014, Keef continued self-releasing mixtapes through his Glo Gang label.

If you ask Morgan herself, she was the butt of her brother Zach's pretty epic Christmas prank.

Svobodny tweeted out photos of the Christmas card her brother sent out this year, which features an announcement that her and the 21-year-old rapper are in a relationship.Keef was consequently placed under house arrest at his grandmother's house for 30 days, followed by another 30 days of home confinement.It has been noted that by the time this incident occurred, Keef had already achieved local South Side popularity, and that much of his early fan base consisted of high school students in the area.Since September, I've been in a very serious relationship with an amazing guy named Keith Cozart, a famous rapper who some of you may know as Chief Keef.He has many hit songs that you've probably heard, such as "That's The Shit I Don't Like," "I Hate Being Sober" and "These Bitches Love Sosa." Keith is an amazing guy with a lot going for him and this is the happiest I've been in at least 6 months!The fart itself is pretty impressive -- a cross between a leaky balloon and a baby elephant -- but Keef's girl is NOT impressed.