A flirty Pisces goes with the flow, right to where you are.

Pisces are strange and wonderful, and seek the same -- your most unusual traits are what attract.

They're also very visual, with many being artistic.

It'll appear to be serendipity, and they'll deny anything to the contrary. They want to have a tale to tell, about how you met.

Pisces are romantics at heart, and like when there's a fated feel to the connection.

So, they'll be feasting on your tableau -- your style, your countenance, attitude and that undefinable quality of soul.

Of all the signs, Pisces is one most likely to be attracted to who you are deep down.

She was a bit on a homebody, which was ok, but we did explore together and traveled. Then I didn't have money to go out Because of Part time Job.. I am more introverted and need more time alone but our schedules support that. He clearly loves his popularity and he's probably way out of my league. But I'm already extremely attracted to him and want this friendship/flirting to endure...

But, I never could get her to be open and honest about how she felt about me. We support each others interests even though we don't always share them. But, unfortunately, I fear I might have bored him in conversation.

Pisces sends subtle signals, and don't like to have to spell it out.

Some Pisces are excessive that way, with addictions and fantasies.

All those together make them very juicy and emotional lovers who take the plunge when interested.