Male and female leads have met for 4 months, establishing a lot of chemistry, on stage and off stage they are like a duet, very similar to that of a couple of the early stages of a relationship.

u said that u have watched an interview of ella and chun and they said there that they're dating and they have mutual understanding..

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So, Wu Chun pats his chest and says, Are you willing to go Brunei?

Observer clearly sees this as an act of a marriage proposal.

Recently there is information saying that Wu Zun willbe buying a house in Taipei and there is possibility that Ella will bethe female owner?

Charlene and Wu Chun are the leads to the love action myth film .doing his best in his dramas and movies,i guess the fans just HOPE Wu Zun to be with Ella, Angela, Ariel,or Charlene.BUT, I love Chun Ella as a rumoured couple,but i won't care whoever Wu Zun is with,i just hope Ella, Wu Zun, Angela Zhang, Ariel Lin, Charlene Choi,do get their hapiness,no matter who is their partner is. As a fan of them,we just can hope they can be happy with their partners,but we can't decide their fate. But interestingly, it was Ella's sister's bfwho accompanied him to view the house, implying that his relationshipwith Ella is close." chun does'nt even like ah sa..kilos pa lang ni wu chun sa mga promotions,concerts with S.ella likes chun and thinks hes very manly and on youtube there are some clips where they're in a talkshow and you can tell they're really into each she slaps his butt lol on one of the right now they want to focus on their careersi also heard some rumors on the internet that ella has a boyfriend so idk but i hope they will date in the club is for ppl who like ella and wu zun or fahrenheit and SHE but if u dont like them then bye bye.jokez If u dont like them u can join anyway if u want to !!!