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Currently the visual indicators from Iliamna (via webcam) show nothing unusual, but as is the case for volcanoes that haven't recently erupted, this can change suddenly at any time.

Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland experienced a couple hundred years of dormancy until seismicity increased, and began with a small fissure eruption, and then a main event that caused a widespread ash cloud to strand passengers in Europe for weeks on end, causing economic hardship in the Eurozone, not to mention a lot of frustration.As it stands right now, there is no imminent risk of eruption, just heightened temperature and seismicity.You would likely see a much more dramatic rise in harmonic tremor and larger, more frequent, and shallower quakes if the eruption was about to start or was underway.Once this occurs, it can release pressure holding back the magma, and would likely enter a dome building phase.Of course, this is speculation because we've never seen the volcano erupt in historical time, and the structure of the volcano is highly eroded by glaciation.It also means that buyers can trust that they are buying from a legitimate business.