It signifies that the discriminatory practice can be justified if the duty holder demonstrates that the required accommodation weights too much on him.

In 1955, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in Chaput v.

Romain, regarding Jehovah's Witnesses, that all religions have equal rights, based upon tradition and the rule of law.

These provincial legislations oblige actors under their jurisdiction (employers, service providers and landlords) to respect the duty to accommodate, to preserve a multicultural society.

The particularity of the duty to accommodate on religious grounds is that cases fall both under the jurisdiction of the Charter and other federal and provincial human rights acts and that they challenge the notions of social values, secularism and gender equality.

Second, the person has to be sincere in his/her belief.

The court also stated that the practice in question does not have to be mandatory to the religion, or observed by all who practice the religion.The judge also takes into account the reasonable feature of the controversial policy, rule or norm, the effort of accommodation by the duty holder, and the excessive feature of the constraint. Hutterian Brethren of Wilson Colony, the Supreme Court of Canada addressed whether the obligation to have a photograph on the driver's license violated the Hutterites' right to freedom of religion.The Court found that there was a prima facie discrimination but considered that the need to both protect the integrity of the licensing system and combat identity fraud was a justified limitation on the community's religious freedom.At the time, no statutes formed the basis for this argument.In the Guibord case in 1874, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, at that time the court of last resort for Canada within the British Empire, ruled that the civil courts of Canada have the jurisdiction to resolve disputes between members of a church and the church organization.Canadian provinces have their own human rights legislations that can be explicit as to the notion of reasonable accommodation.