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A girl to be friends with and see how it goes from there. don't get so wrapped up in what he does or doesn't like to forget about what you do or do not like.

Send a pic with your reply and I will send you mine. this is the ebb and flow of a relationship and part of what keeps things moving. the worst thing you can do is learn to tolerate too much.

it's not like i "won a drawing" when they were passing out jobs so that aside did you read the part about still having a (smaller) social net?

that's to catch those who "for whatever reason lack of opportunity or any other horde of reasons" when they fall.

a donkey only go as fast as it takes to reach the carrot dangled in front of it's face. i hate to break it to ya, but we've got more than just a couple "donkeys" in our society. yes, it is not only a benevolant thing it is also beneficial to ME to help people get back on their feet when they fall.

help them get back into being a beneficial member of society and paying into the 'pool' to help others when they fall. it is NOT beneficial to me (or ANYONE really) to pay their way the rest of their lives by providing them the things i work my ass off for with no consequence.

After he insisted this lifestyle is best I got upset and told him I have been tossing his food in the trash. This has been over a week and I’m not sure what to do.

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our social net right now is large enough to catch damn near everyone and it's also easy enough to sustain by jumping through a couple hoops.