when prehistoric villages lay around the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don.

The city has a long, sandy coastline and a marine climate, the latter resulting in chilly summers and mild winters.

The traditional industries of fishing, paper-making, shipbuilding, and textiles have been overtaken by the oil industry and Aberdeen's seaport.

Aberdeen Heliport is one of the busiest commercial heliports in the world and hosts the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, a major international event which attracts up to 1000 of the most talented young performing arts companies.

Friday, October 7th Q: A new vacation study is out and shows that 150 people worldwide are injured on vacation because of THIS. A: Recipes Monday, September 26th A: Meetings Wednesday, September 21st Q: Most who try this, give it up after doing it once. A: Rollerblading Tuesday, September 20th Q: Half of us love this, 30% of us hate it, and 20% of us are afraid of it? Q: Thunderstorms Thursday, September 15th Q: People do this more in the 20’s than any other age in their life. A: Eat Out Tuesday, September 13th A: Doing their own laundry Monday, September 12th Q: The average school-age kid does it six times a year. A: Catches a cold Friday, September 9th Q: More than 80% of men in the US have THIS in common. A: Under 6 feet tall Wednesday, September 7th Q: What 2 professions are nearly 100% filled by women? Monday, August 29th Q: The average woman can do this for about 2 days…what? A: Election Coverage Monday, August 1st Q: 43% of women say they find it very attractive when a man knows how to do THIS. A: Iron clothes Friday, July 29th Q: A new study shows that the average person does THIS for 23 minutes every weekday – and usually gives it a little break on the weekend.

Thursday, October 6th Q: Nearly half of employees admit to doing this at work, adn you really shouldn’t. A: Pay bills Wednesday, October 5th Q: Your mom used one of these, but odds are just 1 in 10 of you do. A: Apron Tuesday, October 4th Monday, October 3rd Q: 34% of Americans do not have one of THESE. A: Clean the house Tuesday, September 27th The average person has 6 of these committed to memory…what? Wednesday, July 27th Q: 57% of people in a new survey say they would never break this rule. A: Use the express lane at the store with more than 10 items Friday, July 22nd Q: 59% of mothers told their children this when they were little. A: Don’t cross your eyes Thursday, July 21st Q: By the end of this week 46% of parents will have already started doing this. A: Back to school shopping Wednesday, July 20th Q: The top thing couples argue about on vacation is this. A: Not helping when one was struggling with luggage Tuesday, July 19th Q: The average person does this 35 times a month. A: Takes a picture Friday, July 15th Monday, July 4th No Question Friday, July 1st Q: This weekend, 25% of people will do this at your party. A: Double Dip Thursday, June 30th Q: Nearly 35% of people have illegally done this while driving. A: Drove the wrong way down a one way Wednesday, June 29th Q: The average cost of this is $56. A: Having a BBQ Tuesday, June 28th Q: The average home has 6 of these. A: Refrigerator magnets Monday, June 27th Q: Nearly 10% of couples have broken up over arguments about this?

We hear the Loons on our Lake all summer and sometimes, when listening to "Classical Loon", we are not sure if the calls are coming from the CD or from the lake. This was the first cd I bought when I was looking for something an ex-girlfriend's parents put me in touch with many years ago.

Even if you are not living up in the North Woods, you will feel like you are when you hear the beautiful music with the occasional Loon call in the background.A: They got a bad haircut Friday, November 4th Q: If today is an average day, THIS will happen close to 20 times. A: People suing Walmart Wednesday, November 2nd Q: 50% of adults in a new survey said THIS is the most un-thoughtful gift anyone can buy for them. Monday, October 31st Friday, October 21st Q: Everybody does this; however 90% of men say they’ve never seen their father do it. The earliest charter was granted by William the Lion in 1179 and confirmed the corporate rights granted by David I.In 1319, the Great Charter of Robert the Bruce transformed Aberdeen into a property-owning and financially independent community.In 1647 an outbreak of bubonic plague killed a quarter of the population.