At first, Hank and Sean don’t want to get on his rickety helicopter, but once Sean sets his eyes on the pilot’s daughter, Kailani (VANESSA HUDGENS), he quickly changes his mind and the four take the trip.They soon discover where the coordinates are located there are swirling tornadoes and rough winds that quickly tears the helicopter apart before they can go back and are swept into the center of the storm.The Dolby Digital 5.1 track isn’t anything special, but certainly adequate enough especially during the action scenes.

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Then you’ve got the Jack of All Trades, Sir Michael Caine who late in his career apparently can’t say no to any script that comes his way, although he at least mixes it up appearing in some great movies (the Nolan is a breezy fantasy-adventure that, while it won’t be taxing on your brain, is still a fun movie that you can sit through without groaning and in fact might even laugh at a few of the jokes.

It’s not a very memorable film but given there aren’t many movies in the genre that are fun for the entire family, it’s nice to see one of these released every so often.

Lucky for Sean, Hank used to be in the Navy and when taking a look at the message he notices a Morse Code within the message and together using Jules Verne’s books, discover a map that when put together displays what is known as “The Mysterious Island” and it includes Longitude and Latitude coordinates.

Hank doesn’t believe the island is real but he knows it’s important to Sean and with a desire to make a connection, he convinces Elizabeth to allow the pair to travel to the island of Palau.

Only features on the disc is a is presented with a 1.78 anamorphic widescreen transfer and while there’s some artifacting here and there, it’s not too bad of a transfer.

The black levels seem to be alright and for a standard def release, it has some decent details on the close-up shots.

Once there, they discover that no pilot in their right mind would go to those coordinates as it’s known as a place where planes and ships get lost.

Fortunately they find somebody, Gabato (LUIS GUZMAN), who is willing to take them.

They wake up on a rough patch of a beach and finding a passageway, they discover what they now know as “The Mysterious Island” and after battling insects and other predators, meet Sean’s long-lost grandfather, Alexander (MICHAEL CAINE), who has set up a nice tree house with all the amenities.