Men and women are more sexually-liberated where both sexes can play “meet and greet” with several people until they find the right person.

In this world of dating, with a plethora of ways to meet your groom and/or bride, ?

When we’re going out on first date after first date, there will likely be some overlap.

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Communication However it is not uncommon for people to replace communication with (assumption).

Case in point if a couple spends a lot of time together in person and on the phone/email/twitter it's very easy for either of them to (lull) themselves into believing they are in a "monogamous relationship" simply based upon the time they spend together. If you met two new people earlier in the week and set up a date with one for Friday night and a picnic/beach date set for Sunday afternoon with the other; most people would say that you’re going out with others.

This leads to you saying, "We never said we were (exclusive) and I never said whether or not my was a woman or a man....etc" In essence you are blaming them for being misled or "making assumptions". Don't Ask/Don't Tell Very few people tell the new person they're seeing at the (outset) that they plan to date others until they find Mr./Ms. Neither party feels obligated to reveal their social/romantic activities.

We don't want to know if we are competing with others and if we're dating others we don't want to risk the possibility of losing their interest by telling them we are dating other people.

It’s known that everyone dates multiple people, but why bring it up?

That only serves to make the other person nervous and uncertain, and no one likes that feeling.Therefore it's common for both people to have a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy during early dates.If a couple met online it is safe to assume that as long as their profile is available to be viewed by the public they're still "on the market" and open to receiving inquiries.Most likely overtime you would have had an instance where you were asked by one of the people you were dating to go out when you had plans to be with the other.Lying by Omission This is where it gets very dicey because most people will not admit they have a date with someone else.If you aren't in an "exclusive relationship" then you are free to do as you please with whomever you want.