While this does sound possible, I’m not quite convinced.

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beneath them, while other guys date women who are way out of their leagues? Still, you see these types of couples all the time.

Well, after meticulously observing these types of couples and analyzing them instensely, I discovered that there are five kinds of men who tend to date women who just don't seem like a natural match. Instead of having to cook and clean for himself, he just can have his girlfriend do it all for him.

And the anime takes the story in a different direction.

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As time when on, it morphed to hobby musician, with a full time job and a little bit nerdy. Where did I find my dark haired, tattooed, hobby musician? Why’d I fall for him, besides the looks and the stage presence? It’s a really attractive combination, having an intellectual passion really balances the bad boy rocker, in a way that just gets to me.

I got tired of the “cool” guys, but still wanted the look. As it turns out, Kimberly did marry her type — she just had to compromise in a few less important areas.

Plus: how to score a guy who's way out of your league!

Have you ever wondered why some great men date women who seem ...

Then, ideally, she’d have tattoos and a career in a creative field.