The woman's responsibility is to acknowledge this leadership. Finally, the fourth factor is set forth in verse 25, This speaks clearly of openness between man and wife.

Then the third factor indicated here that characterizes true marriage is permanence. They have no secrets, nothing that they do not share with each other.

We feel really secure with you driving and Mom beside you. It was nighttime, and we had just turned the corner near our house.

Suddenly, we all looked up and saw another car, out of control, heading straight for us.

It is the failure to achieve this kind of openness that lies behind so much breakdown in marriage today, the utter breakdown of communication, where two sit and look at one another and say nothing or talk about merely surface trivialities.

Often this is why they are so judgmental with one another, each one trying to get the other to agree and not being willing to allow differences of viewpoint to exist.

But I want you at least to understand what’s going on in our lives. I just want to share with you what I’ve been thinking.

Dad, I feel like our family has been riding in a nice car for a long time.

But there never seems to be any time when we’re alone. And I know you and Mom may never get back together.

That’s terribly hard to accept—especially knowing that you may never come back home or be an “everyday” dad to me and Brian again. She doesn’t know I’m writing, and neither does Brian.

There is to be a freedom of communication, one with the other.

Marriages shrivel, wither, and die when this is not true.

It was such a terrible accident that we were all rushed to the emergency ward. We’re still not really sure where you are or if you were hurt or if you need help. She was thrown into the steering wheel and broke several ribs.