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Unless sorting-out is very slow, a fertilized heteroplasmic egg containing two kinds of plastids is thus expected to give rise to a mature plant consisting of clonal sectors with homoplasmic cells.

Such chimeras are evident in variegated plants having sectors of green and white cells, such as in (Tilney-Bassett and Birky 1981).

Homoplasmy, defined as the homogeneity of organelle DNA within individual cells, is often observed and hence generally assumed.

On the contrary, the occurrence of more than one type of organelle DNA in a given cell, called heteroplasmy, or in a given individual (called chimerism when sorting-out is complete) is infrequent.

The prevalence of uniparental inheritance of organelles, which involves various molecular and cellular mechanisms (Birky 1995), also contributes to the higher frequency of homoplasmy. 2000) including humans (reviewed by Chinnery et al. Plastid heteroplasmy has also been reported in a great number of plant taxa, for example, (Tilney-Bassett and Birky 1981).

Since then, heteroplasmy has been found in organisms belonging to various and distant groups. Many of the cases of variegation known to date in cultivated plants are due to spontaneous mutations of the plastid genome (Kirk and Tilney-Bassett 1978).A contamination-free cross involving D uno as the male parent produced only plants characterized by the most frequent haplotype, indicating either selection bias against the rare type or more likely fixation of the frequent type in tissues leading to the formation of the male gametes.The In higher plants, each cell possesses many plastids and each plastid contains many copies of the circular plastid genome (Bendich 1987).It's a little strange how the To element has children indicating all the recepients, normally that would be implicit, but there may be a reason that isn't clear just from this example.Original posting for example: that these get published with a stylesheet that makes them viewable directly, they appear to be human-directed.Homoplasmy is commonly explained by vegetative segregation and uniparental inheritance, occurring during vegetative and sexual reproduction, respectively (Birky 1983, 1995).