Note: Parameters are similar to features and properties used in SAX2 [SAX].

The following list of parameters defined in the DOM: "error-handler" [required] A DOMError Handler object.

When a Sax parser parses a XML document and every time it encounters a tag it calls the corresponding tag handler methods when it encounter a Start Tag it calls this method public void start Element(String name, Attribute List attrs) when it encounter a End Tag it calls this method public void end Element(String name) This program also parses a XML file and prints it on the console . In this example, the Print Using Sax Class extends the Handler Base class and implemets the call back methods to handle the printing The steps involved are Get a instance of SAX parser, The previous program illustrated how to Parse an existing XML file using both SAX and DOM Parsers.

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The DOMConfiguration distinguish two types of parameters: boolean (boolean parameters) and DOMUser Data (parameters).

The names used by the DOMConfiguration object are defined throughout the DOM Level 3 specifications. To avoid possible conflicts, as a convention, names referring to boolean parameters and parameters defined outside the DOM specification should be made unique.

"schema-type" [optional] A DOMString object containing an absolute URI and representing the type of the schema language used to validate a document against.

Note that no lexical checking is done on the absolute URI.

So what prevents the document from being parsed give that the builder is non-validating and so need not access the DTD?

The DOMConfiguration interface represents the configuration of a document and maintains a table of recognized parameters.

To keep the example simple this program generates a XML file from a Vector preloaded with hard coded data.

The steps involved are a) Get an instance of DOM parser b) Create a new Document c) Load the Data d) Create a DOM tree with this Data e) Print the DOM tree which will be the XML file In detail a) Get an instance of DOM psrser to the same directory where you have downloaded these programs.

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