If you have to leave a party or gathering early, look at his eyes as you walk out the door.

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If you notice some of these signs, it's highly likely that you've grabbed their attention. (Why would a guy buy a girl flowers for any other reason? You may find that during one outing he hugs you about eight times for no reason...

Remember, sometimes someone likes you, but things just are not in synch whether they have too much with work or if they haven't gotten over someone yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. ) Guys will do this without asking, if they attach a pretty girl to a pretty flower. It literally eats him up inside if he hasn't seen you for awhile. All his guy friends act strange around you because they know how much he likes you. He asks you to coffee, lunch, or something in the daylight. If he wants to see you in the busy portion of the day, this is more positive than at night.

He also enjoys complimenting you, and it's natural for him to do so.

He has an odd interest to want to meet your family.

He may grab a tissue box, he may sniffle himself, or he'll grab you in a hug.

He draws you pictures; once I had a guy draw odd alien creatures of ourselves.

The following list includes many things a guy may unconsciously do while speaking with you that will give away his thoughts.

There are things men may do even when not engaged in conversation with a woman that betray their feelings.

Guys, click here to find out what signs betray a girl’s feelings.