I also sadly don't know any free animation programs that I could recommend.

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about every month or so I get a new comment with the old, same "jokes".

So whenever I finally start to motivate myself again to work on this, those comments make me angry and I can't look at this WIP for another month, and this vicious circle is making me tired.

but i actually see both of your guys point of views, and i respect and understand both of them ^^ i cant imagine how long it took to make this, or how much work you put in it, i didnt think about it then, your words straightened me out.

thank you and i apreciate you calling me out like that, if you question my apology just ask me v.vwhat the hell, if you read it then why would you?

on websites like this one, you have no way of knowing who the artist is, so you can't have any idea how much rude asshole comments like yours could hurt them.

Luckily for you, I'm too old to be seriously influenced by what anonymous people on the internet say about my stuff. Well, I can draw pretty good, but to look at something I draw is to realize just how much I am not an expert. so yes, the way I see it, your actions make you the worst. start considering that behind every icon on this website, there's a person with actual feelings that you know nothing about, and that your disrespect for people's work, art and style could one day seriously harm someone without you ever noticing. Lighten up, don't tell me your not happy when your laughing. I'm not making fun of you, because I can't draw or do art in general for shit, nope it's not something I can do.I'm amused and contented with the game, but if I'm the worst for that then why didn't you just leave a comment about how you enjoyed it? update, february 2013: I don't wish to hear anything about how you think the way I draw is funny or ridiculous, come on guys, this isn't youtube.