We'll be happier that way." Frazer called frantically for help, then braced for the strike.But it never came — another football player ran in, pushed his teammate out of the room, and called university police. Later, after campus officers found him hiding on another floor, Frazer saw what he'd left behind: a broken window in the hall and a long, dark streak of blood that ended at her room.

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She peered through her arms at her only exit, the bedroom door just 10 feet away. She watched her ex-boyfriend, a scholarship athlete on the football team, hulk into the room and slam the door behind him. After the breakup in January 2011, she says she mostly ignored his calls and texts.

Frazer could feel the rage of her 6-foot-5, 260-pound ex filling the room. He had stumbled past dorm security guards and forced himself into the room where Frazer and her friends had gathered.

The messages included a topless photo and other pictures of herself in various stages of undress, the D. She also allegedly sent such messages such as "I adore you - always have, always will."Another allegedly read "If you ever cared about me, please don't shut me out.

It's too painful."The victim told investigators he repeatedly told Feeney to stop, saying "I'm not interested in you end of story. I'm not into you."Despite the teen's rejections, Feeney continued her pursuit, the D. said, telling him she could use her connections to get the teen into Harvard.

This June, a federal judge dismissed the suit, leaving her feeling failed by both her school and the courts.

"They didn't keep me safe, like they promised,"she says.Frazer spent a few days with her family before returning to Temple.And the first person she saw as she got out of her father's car was her ex-boyfriend, whom campus police had released. "I thought, How could he be here after what happened? It would be a month before the school held a hearing and a month more before it issued a decision to suspend, not expel, her ex-boyfriend.He had once threatened to kill his roommate in the middle of the night.His roommates called Frazer, saying he was threatening to hurt himself and others if he couldn't see her.She'd arrived at Temple's urban campus from a small Pennsylvania town, where she'd been home-schooled.